Michael Otto CSP SOM

Chartered Physiotherapist

Otto Physiotherapy Exeter

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The Road to Recovery

Step 1


The aim will be to diagnose the injury and identify the underlying cause of your pain. This could be a recent or chronic injury, posture, alignment, quality of movement or a combination of factors. We will aim to get to the bottom of it.

Step 2

Relieve your pain

Using effective hands-on manual therapy, joint realignment, massage and acupuncture we will aim to relieve your pain while moving on to step 3.

Step 3

Tackle the underlying cause

Movement therapy based treatments will aim to improve your posture and quality of movement. I can use Pilates, Yoga plans, and the Alexander Technique to aid healing and aim to prevent recurrence.


Step 4

Support your return to pain-free activity

Getting you active again is my primary goal and drives the whole process. As your treatment progresses I will advise when to reintroduce activities, and provide any coaching required to minimise the chance of re-injury.