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Michael Otto is a chartered physiotherapist with HPC registration based in Exeter offering expert treatment for many people suffering from long-standing and recurrent pain as well as recent injuries. He also offers a sports physiotherapy service specialising in the treatment of running injuries.




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Our Commitment

Our commitment to you is to get you better as soon as possible, feeling confident and in control of your own health. We aim to get you back doing the things you love before you know it. Our clients are amazed at how quickly they recover, even after having pain for many years. In the vast majority of cases it takes no more than than 4 treatments to get these fantastic results. Click below on 'Testimonials' to hear the stories of people who have been treated by us;


Getting to the bottom of the problem and facilitating recovery

About Otto Physiotherapy

Michael Otto, MSCP

Michael Otto is a passionate and enthusiastic chartered physiotherapist with eight years’ experience working in the muscular-skeletal field. He has post graduate training in a range of treatment disciplines. He has worked in a variety of settings from orthopaedic rehab in the NHS to working with semi-professional runners and sports people, as well as in a clinic-based setting seeing a wide range of patients with all kinds of different problems. Michael prides himself on being able to dramatically improve the quality of life of his patients.

His special interest areas are treating long-standing spinal conditions and runners with recurring injuries.

Skills & Qualifications

  • BSc in Physiotherapy
  • BSc in Anatomy & Physiology
  • Member of Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (MCSP)
  • Member of Society of Orthopedic Medicine (MSOM)
  • Buteyko, Pilates, and Acupuncture, and other complimentary therapeutic techniques

Additional Professional Interests

Michael is interested in understanding how injury, psychology and posture come together to produce pain and disability and how to harness the power of these to facilitate long-term resolutions and return to full function. In addition to this, Michael has been at the forefront of innovations that use gentle hands-on techniques to immediately reduce pain and promote recovery.

Find out more about Michael's Additional Techniques

Otto Physiotherapy Exeter

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy or physio is the treatment of nerve, muscle, and joint problems with movement, exercises and hands-on techniques.

Examples of common problems treated by physio:

  • Sciatica
  • Arthritis
  • Back pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Knee injuries

Physio is also particularly useful for aiding the rehabilitation of injuries that may have been caused by sporting activity such as running, accidents or falls, or surgical operations such as hip replacements.

Excellent Physiotherapy

We believe that physio is at its best when it combines high-level medical understanding of the body and pain with a range of softer and more holistic therapeutic techniques. This provides a well-rounded treatment tailored to your individual needs which both identifies the underlying problem and unleashes the body’s own capacity for healing to return to full function.

Some of the techniques used by Michael are:

  • Gentle massage and manipulations
  • Movement Analysis and therapeutic exercise
  • Postural re-alignment using the Alexander Technique
  • Buteyko Breathing and Mindfulness techniques

Through this integrated physiotherapy approach we find that most patients require no more than four sessions to experience significant pain reduction and improvements in function and confidence.

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"I would recommend the work of the physiotherapist Michael Otto without reservation. I have consulted a number of other physiotherapist in Exeter over the past seven years; none of whom ever really came close to resolving the back and ankle pain that I had experienced. Michael's approach is marked by detailed assessment which extends beyond the joing causing discomfort; an approach where the functioning of the whole body is considered rather than a very narrow focus on the site of the pain. For me, he was able to provide pain relief through massage and then in consultation with me provided longer term solutions that were manageable. His treatment has been supportive and very effective".
Andrew, Lecturer
"I have always suffered from tight hamstrings. After a fall that injured my knee, I had sciatic pains and back problems for several years. After several sessions with Mike, I learnt to improve my posture and stretch my tight muscles using exercises. The symptoms have since disappeared, leaving me pain-free.and feeling much stronger I would definitely recommend Otto Physiotherapy!"
Dan, Bicycle Instructor