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Understanding Pain

Click the body part above that you are experiencing pain to find out what Otto Physiotherapy can do for you.

Or find out more about Muscle Pain and InjuryJoint Pain and Injury, Nerve Pain and Injury, Disc Pain or Tendon and Tendonitis.

A thorough assessment will be conducted with the aim of identifying the cause of your headaches

Jaw Pain

The neck is particularly prone to developing pain and can have many causes

Treatment is offered for a variety of shoulder problems from simple stiffness to a recurring injury that you can't get to the bottom of

Breathing Problems
Breathing problems including asthma, COPD and snoring.

Elbow Pain
Elbow pain, tennis and golfers elbow

Lower Back Pain

Hip Pain

Sacroiliac Joint Pain
Sacroiliac joint and buttock pain

Sciatica Pain




Achilles Tendon


Muscle Pain and Injury

Joint Pain and Injury

Nerve Pain and Injury

Disc Pain

Tendon and Tendonitis