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Physiotherapy for Low back pain and pelvic mobility

The importance of of pelvic mobility for lumbar spine health

Low back pain is one of the most common complaints that I see in my private Exeter physio clinic. In this blog I will be talking about the importance of relationship of the pelvis has to low back pain
The sacrum and pelvis provided at base for the lumbar spine . lumbar spine is designed to move in flexion and extension with minimal rotation . for the lumbar movements to take place smoothly base of lumbar spine (pelvis) has to move also.When treating lumbar spine disorders it is important to assess movement and flexibility of the pelvis as restrictions in the pelvis will directly restrict movement in the lumbar spine.If the lumbar spine is restricted it will become more susceptible to injuries leading to back pain.
When treating low back pain with the aim of reducing recurrence and long-term management treatment should be aimed not only treating painful area in the back but restoring mobility to the pelvis so that the lumbar spine is able to move in a less restricted way.

When treating people suffering with low back pain, pelvic mobility should be assessed. Physiotherapy treatment should include Hands-on treatment and exercises to help liberate pelvic movement should be given to get the best results when the pelvis is restricted.

Michael Otto MCSP SOM