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Recovering from jogging injury

In my Exeter physiotherapy clinic people with running injuries makeup a significant portion of my work. Treating running injuries is one of my areas of special interest. This blog will be talking about barriers people hit that often stops them recovering from the there injury.

If you develop a painful condition whilst jogging in the absence of a traumatic event (e.g. falling over, sprained ankle) than the cause may be something to do with your running style as part of my physiotherapy treatment to injured runners in Exeter I often provide some running coaching to help improve fluidity and shock absorption and so reduce the risk of reinjuring. Was improving your running style you may have to slow down your pace so you can direct your focus on improving your from. This places difficulty on people who have become identified with there speed and performance. They're unwilling to slow down and improve they're running style as they placed a great deal of importance on speed. This often results in a situation where people are coming for repetitive treatment to help maintain her current level of performance.
I have coached many people with running injuries and they have slowed down during there training this is often resulted in them making a full recovery from conditions such as Achilles tendinitis and then running a personal best.