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Are you suffering from Chronic Pain?

Michael Otto PhysiotherapyOver the past 7 years I have been lucky enough to be able to help hundreds of people suffering from varying degrees of pain, sometimes chronic. Many of these patients have experienced a full resolution from pain that had plagued them for a long time. 

What is Chronic Pain? 

Put simply, if you have suffered with physical pain anywhere in the body for longer than 3 months, then it can be said that your pain is ‘chronic’. Chronic pain can occur almost anywhere in the body. It often presents as conditions such as back pain, shoulder pain, sciatica or neck pain. Chronic pain often persists because the body has been unable to complete the healing process. 

In patients I see, there are sometimes very painful ‘spots’ in the muscles which, left untreated, do not always disappear of their own accord. These are referred to as Trigger Points and may increase muscular tension, putting unnecessary strain on the joints which present as arthritic symptoms. When there are multiple muscular pain points in the body chronic pain is sometimes given the label of ME or Fibromyalgia.

Some people may believe that this pain can only be treated with pain killers and there is no doubt that it can have a serious effect on the quality of life, putting a strain on their own emotions and those around them.

My view on Chronic Pain treatment

Over the years I have found that the first step on the path to natural healing is for the patient to feel understood. I have trained in a variety of different disciplines which allows me to choose a form of treatment which best suits the patient’s needs.

One of a variety of techniques I employ is a gentle, perceptive touch to locate and release the sore “trigger” spots. This particular technique is great for releasing the muscular tension in a gentle, pain free way. People I treat often experience great relief from pain as the muscles relax and the joints free up. I believe the relief from pain and tension can often enable the body to undergo a natural healing process.

Following a treatment like this, I believe people are more likely to make positive life choices again and re-engage in physical and social activities. My greatest satisfaction is seeing someone regain this power over their own life. “Chronic” may suggest “long lasting” but it doesn’t have to mean, “Forever”.