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Buteyko Breathing Clinic in Exeter

At Otto Physiotherapy we offer a Buteyko breathing clinic in Exeter. Michael Otto was trained by the Buteyko breathing association, where he uses it to treat a variety of conditions.  

What is Buteyko?

Buteyko breathing is a form of breathing exercises that have been shown to be effective in the treatment and management of certain medical conditions. In recent years there has been substantial research evidence showing it be highly effective in the management of asthma. It’s likely that the technique reduces the amount of inflammation produced by the body, and reduces the body’s over-reactivity. At our Exeter physio clinic, we offer Buteyko breathing to clients for the treatment of asthma, COPD, snoring, chronic rhinitis as well as in the treatment of pain. 

What does Buteyko breathing involve?

In our Exeter physio clinic, Michael teaches Buteyko breathing usually over a course of 4 or 5 treatment sessions. The technique involves a sequence of breathing exercises which take approximately 15 minutes, 2 to 3 times a day. Although we often find a reduction in symptoms within the first week it is advised that the practice is continued for three months.

Will it replace my medication?

Buteyko breathing may reduce symptoms and therefore reduce long-term need for medication (although it is very important that any changes in medication are discussed with your doctor or appropriate nurse who is dealing with your medication).

Buteyko breathing and other breathing exercises for pain.

Physiotherapist Michael Otto has found the Buteyko breathing technique to be highly effective in the treatment of many painful conditions in his Exeter clinic. He has found it to be the most effective breathing exercise.

The effect this physio approach has on pain is not fully understood. However, it could be explained by the fact that pain is produced by the nervous system and the Buteyko breathing directly slows down and reduces the production of pain. Michael finds that people are usually amazed at its effectiveness.


Michael offers physio treatment using Buteyko breathing for the treatment of asthma in his Exeter clinic. 30 years ago when Buteyko breathing first emerged in the West there was lots of scepticism. Now there is overwhelming evidence for its effectiveness in the management of asthma. A research study demonstrated a 90% reduction of use of inhalers (bronchodilators) within 3 months. Similar results have been reported in many other research studies.

Reference: The Bowler Study (1998): BBT in asthma: a randomised control trial

This BBC video (which was created before the research) demonstrates its effectiveness in treating people with breathing conditions:


One of the ways in which Buteyko is thought to work is by improving the efficiency of breathing, reducing the effort required to breathe. See this testimonial from someone with a diagnosis of COPD who came for physio treatment with us in Exeter:


We offer a service to people who snore in our Exeter clinic. Snoring often happens when the nose is blocked and/or when breathing is through the mouth and into the upper chest. Buteyko breathing technique works by retraining the diaphragm, reducing nasal stuffiness and restoring nose breathing. We find that the vast majority of people coming into the clinic that the snoring show vast reductions within two weeks, if not stopping completely when practising Buteyko breathing. Please see below a testimonial from one of our clients and a video on Buteyko breathing, snoring and sleep apnoea:

Sleep Apnoea

We offer physiotherapy to people with sleep apnoea. A key characteristic of sleep apnoea is long pauses in breathing during sleep. In a survey of people with sleep apnoea, 90% reported a reduction in symptoms when practising the Buteyko breathing method. Please see a testimonial from a happy customer who saw Michael in our Exeter physio clinic:

Reference: Mary Birch, Australian Nursing Journal October 2012, Vol 20, No. 4, pages 40-41.