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"I would recommend the work of the physiotherapist Michael Otto without reservation. I have consulted a number of other physiotherapist in Exeter over the past seven years; none of whom ever really came close to resolving the back and ankle pain that I had experienced. Michael's approach is marked by detailed assessment which extends beyond the joing causing discomfort; an approach where the functioning of the whole body is considered rather than a very narrow focus on the site of the pain. For me, he was able to provide pain relief through massage and then in consultation with me provided longer term solutions that were manageable. His treatment has been supportive and very effective".

Andrew, Lecturer

Exeter Physio

Michael Otto is a holistic Exeter Physio. Michael’s approach is based on a strong Orthopaedic Medicine foundation combined with experience of a number of holistic disciplines. Drawing from practices such as the Alexander Technique and Tai Chi, each treatment is tailored to your individual needs.

Michael’s work as an Exeter Physio involves him treating people from a variety of backgrounds and ages. In his Exeter Physio clinic, he offers physio treatment for a wide range of painful conditions. His approach is centred around giving you long-term control over your pain. Many people who have used Michael as their Exeter Physio have had excellent results. There are 5 star testimonials from clients, many of which had previously experienced pain for a long time. These can be found on this website, on the Testimonials page as well as Facebook and Google Businesses.

In Exeter, physiotherapist Michael Otto offers Physio treatment for aches and pains, arthritic pain, backache, back pain, circulatory problems, cramp, joint pains, lumbago, muscle spasms, neuralgia, fibromyalgia, minor sports injuries and tensions. Michael sees people in Exeter offering Physio for both recent (acute) pain and long-standing chronic pain.

If you’re in Exeter and looking for a highly skilled private Physio who delivers excellent results contact Michael for an appointment this week.

There is an NHS Physio Service in Exeter however there is often a long waiting list. Michael’s Exeter Physio service offers immediate appointments and a high quality individual service. When people search for Physiotherapy in Exeter they most commonly type in ‘Exeter Physio’ which brings up many of the private Physios including my business.

If you’re looking for an Exeter Physio, type it into Google and hopefully you will see my page because I have created this page. 

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