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Hamstring Injuries In Runners


Sports physio and running coach Michael Otto offers expertise in the treatment of hamstring and buttock pain in runners in Exeter and Totnes.

Hamstring injuries often plague runners, and can really impact upon the enjoyment of the sport.

In this video, I explain how the position and movement of the pelvis when running can contribute to these injuries


Understanding and treating hamstring problems in runners


The hamstring and buttock areas develop problems when the pelvis is restricted. This restriction in the pelvis results in a compensation in which the hamstring is overused. It is this overuse that increases the stress forces in the area leading to injury.

The rotation of the pelvis drives the movement of the leg back and propels the runner forward. However, if the pelvis, whose job it is the drive the movement is restricted, then the compensation will be to overuse the hamstring to drive the leg back. This over-activity of the hamstring not only results in inefficient movement but also results in increased forces in the hamstring. This results in hamstring injuries. When the hamstring is overactive, this will directly inhibit the buttock muscles, resulting in an increased likelihood of sacroiliac joint (buttock) pain.

When a runner has restored pelvic mobility and received expert coaching, these issues are often resolved.


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