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Physio for Running Exeter

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Otto Physiotherapy Running


Michael has expertise in treating injuries incurred by runners and joggers. Running injuries occur because the body is not shock absorbing efficiently, which results in an excessive force being placed into the body leading to strains and pains. Michael treats the injury and teaches people how to restore fluidity into their running, with amazing results for both new and seasoned runners. Michael's clients have developed the ability to control and prevent recurring and long-lasting injuries, see below for testimonials.


Sports Physiotherapy

Michael identifies the running injury that has occurred, and the extent of the tissue damage. The treatment aims to promote and support tissue healing. 

Natural Running Coach

Michael recognises that many runners have recurrent injuries, or are generally prone to injuries. Incorporated into the sports physio service, Michael acts as a natural running coach to address aspects of posture and running form that in most cases underlie the injury. 

This combination of sports physio and natural running coaching offers Michael's clients a unique opportunity for the resolution of persistent running injuries.


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Michael's physiotherapy approach to the treatment of running injuries:

  • Standard Physiotherapy - Assessment to identify the pain-producing structure, hands-on treatment and advice to speed up healing (used alone, people often get re-injury and keep returning for treatment).
  • Restoring Fluidity - Michael uses an approach based around 'Chi Running' and is himself a Tai Chi student, integrating these into his physio practice. the aim is to restore postural alignment and learn to release muscles so that movement takes place in the most efficient way. It improves shock absorption, therefore reducing the amount of stress placed on tissues and joints.
  • Breathing - Michael offers specific physio treatments to restore optimum breathing mechanics. Many people breathe with their upper chest, keeping their pelvic and abdominal muscles in a state of tension. This results in poor shock absorption, inefficient breathing and injuries.
  • Sports Psychology - Physiotherapist Michael Otto understands the mentality of people who keep finding themselves injured and fighting to maintain and beat their personal best. The biggest mistake is that people get focused on a goal (such as the speed that they are running at) and become unaware of what is happening in their body. People often try too hard and push themselves, creating bodily tension and reducing performance. The sporting greats did not have to try, they are relaxed in their body, producing power and performance at ease.

Common running pains include:

  • Knee pain / ITB
  • Hip pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Calf and shin pain
  • Tendonitis Achilles pain

If you are a runner experiencing a pain or injury please contact us to find out more information about out services. Please give us a call on 01392 247 668 for appointments in Exeter or 07754251068 for appointments in Totnes. Alternatively, please use the contact form at the top of this page and we will get in touch.