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Running Physio

Welcome to pain-free running!


My name is Michael Otto and I am a sports physio and running coaching, working from Totnes and Exeter. My goal is to help people overcome long-term running injuries to get back running and enjoying life to the full.

This page also offers free resources to help people on their journey to becoming an injury-free runner.

I graduated from a BSc in Physiotherapy in 2008. A year later I ran my first London marathon. During the training, I ran into injury after injury. Being a physio, I was determined to solve my issues. This sparked a passion for understanding what causes running injuries, and the relationship between running style, movement, and pain. Since then I have developed skills in running gait analysis and have helped people run injury free during my professional physio practice over the last ten years.


Free Consultation for runners

For September and October 2018, I am offering a free 15-minute consultation either by phone or in our Exeter and Totnes clinics. During this consultation, I will clearly lay out a path to how you can overcome your running injury and get back to enjoying the sport you love. 

To find out further information or to book please email me on mike@ottophysio.co.uk or call on 07754251068


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