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"I would recommend the work of the physiotherapist Michael Otto without reservation. I have consulted a number of other physiotherapist in Exeter over the past seven years; none of whom ever really came close to resolving the back and ankle pain that I had experienced. Michael's approach is marked by detailed assessment which extends beyond the joing causing discomfort; an approach where the functioning of the whole body is considered rather than a very narrow focus on the site of the pain. For me, he was able to provide pain relief through massage and then in consultation with me provided longer term solutions that were manageable. His treatment has been supportive and very effective".

Andrew, Lecturer

Sports Physio

Whatever your sport of choice, Otto Physiotherapy offers specialised sports physio tailored to your individual needs. If you are suffering from a recent injury, or a long-standing problem, we aim to help you recover quickly and painlessly and to understand and improve your movement to prevent recurrence. Please see testimonials below from people with sports injuries that we have treated:

Otto Physiotherapy's Approach to Sports Physiotherapy

1. Physio Assessment - We assess the nature of the sports injury and how and why it occurred. We look at the risk factors of the relevant sport and how they interact with your individual movement and sporting approach.

2. Physiotherapy for Immediate Relief - We use gentle sports massage and manipulation techniques to give instant reduction in discomfort.

3. Preventing Recurrence - Using physio techniques such as movement analysis and re-training, we help restore you to full movement and to learn new techniques for optimal fluidity with the aim of reducing the risk factors for further injury and recurrences.