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Testimonials for Ulverston Physio, Michael Otto

Physiotherapist Michael Otto facilitates the recovery and improved health of people with a variety of conditions. The following testimonials from our Ulverston physio clinic have been grouped under headings to make it easier to find one that relates to you:

Neck & Shoulder Pain

Back Pain & Sciatica

Read what people have said about our Exeter physio service: 

"When I saw Michael Otto's advertisement in The One Magazine, it offered me hope. I didn't want treatment for a sports injury - I still had a painfully numb leg, 7 months after a bad bout of sciatica and nothing was helping. Six treatments in and I am on the road to recovery. Some feeling has returned and the leg is much less painful. I would recommend the treatment and say a huge thank you to Michael Otto for his help and support."

Ros Ogden


"With acute back and thigh pain and an inability to stand, my General Practitioner advised physiotherapy. With visions of a wheelchair existence and despite my scepticism consulted Mike. His initial consultation included advice about improving my posture, learning to relax, and massage. The result was a rapid improvement. He taught me exercises to do at home so visits became less frequent. Progress was interrupted when I broke my ankle. After removal of the plaster cast, Mike helped me regain full movement in the joint, this despite the hospital predictions that it would be impossible for someone of my age. Seeing my progress, my son travelled from London to consult Mike. My son is currently training to run the London marathon. He was most impressed and grateful for the advice he received about his training regime and how to minimise the risk of injury or damage to his body. I cannot speak too highly of Mike’s knowledge and skills. He treats young and old with equal enthusiasm, and sees everyone as an individual with different needs and lifestyles, and treats them accordingly".

Barbara, Retired Orthopedic Nurse


"I have suffered from discomfort in my back for years. Since coming to see Michael I have been made aware of posture issues that I never knew I had. I feel it has been more a case of training rather than treating, and am already seeing the benefits. It has been an education and I would recommend Michael to anyone. My back problems have improved by 80% in just four sessions".



Buttock & Hip Pain


Knee Pain

Achilles, Ankle, Foot & Calf


"I am a runner, triathlete and business owner, but have had trouble with my calves and Achilles for months, I stopped running in an effort to fix them. Every time I ran the problem returned. In April 2013 I came to Michael for help. My goal was to compete in the UK Ironman 70.3 triathlon event in June, but I was unable to train for the run section. I visited Michael six times having tried other physios who failed to help me. Michael not only treated my symptoms but dealt with the causes by changing my running style and my training approach. On June 16th 2013 I successfully completed the Ironman - injury free. I strongly recommend Michael - he's a great physio, a great coach, and a great bloke too".

Andy McCready, MD, Sandler Training, Exeter


"After walking home after attempting a 5k run I contacted Mike for my first session. I’ve never looked back since. Not only has he solved my injuries but improved my performance and ability to keep going without pain. If you’re after a holistic response and plan that will help you take control of your fitness, choose Otto Physiotherapy."

Gareth Davis, (Amateur) Ironman, Triathlete, Long distance, Marathon Runner (Sub 3)


"I came to see Mike after an Achilles problem I had from months of running. His approach was targetted at changing my running style for long-term benefit. Mike managed to pinpoint why I had my injury, and treated it completely within 2 sessions as well as transforming how I run. I would certainly recommend Mike to anyone who has had recurrent injuries from exercise".

George Hudson, (Student and recreational runner)



"I have always noticed that towards the end of a busy shift I would start getting headaches. After a massage from Mike, the headache was relieved. I had never realised that my shoulder and neck tightness was the cause and I would advise anyone with chronic headaches and migraines to see him. I can now recognise how to prevent these without the need to take medication. It is such a relief."

Lucy, Nurse


"I have a pre-existing injury which was exacerbated by a car accident. I was unsure if physiotherapy would help. I was pleasantly surprised as Michael has been able to mobilise my arm and relieve me of my persistent pain and headaches. This had such a positive effect on my home and work life. I have now been discharged and given exercises which will continue to help. Michael has a very professional manner and an understanding attitude".

Mrs Frost

Ashma, COPD, Snoring & Sleep Apnoea



"I would recommend the work of the physiotherapist Michael Otto without reservation. I have consulted a number of other physiotherapist in Exeter over the past seven years; none of whom ever really came close to resolving the back and ankle pain that I had experienced. Michael's approach is marked by detailed assessment which extends beyond the joing causing discomfort; an approach where the functioning of the whole body is considered rather than a very narrow focus on the site of the pain. For me, he was able to provide pain relief through massage and then in consultation with me provided longer term solutions that were manageable. His treatment has been supportive and very effective".

Andrew, Lecturer

"I have always suffered from tight hamstrings. After a fall that injured my knee, I had sciatic pains and back problems for several years. After several sessions with Mike, I learnt to improve my posture and stretch my tight muscles using exercises. The symptoms have since disappeared, leaving me pain-free. and feeling much stronger I would definitely recommend Otto Physiotherapy!"

Dan, Bicycle Instructor


Ollies Davies