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Rescources for pain free living and wellness

These resources are primarily designed for my physiotherapy clients in Exeter and Totnes. They are also available for free use by the general public. They have been created to support recovery, health and wellness. Please feel free to share this page.

Mindful soft nose breathing exercises with muscle relaxation.

We now know that when people are experiencing ongoing pain -as opposed to a new pain- that it is often changes in the nervous system that appear to be largely responsible. These changes in the nervous system amplify pain messages and can directly create pain, resulting in pain that is experienced long after normal tissue healing time. This is particularly true in the case of chronic pain experienced in the muscles and joints. Nerves can become hyper sensitive for a variety of reasons, giving people the experience of ongoing pain. The following resources aim to take the nerves out of a state of sensitivity through tapping into the body's relaxation response.

In my physiotherapy practice I have found that resources such as these have been very effective tools in terms of enabling people to independently take control of their health. Many people when they first start are sceptical that such techniques can produce such positive benefits. The majority of these clients are amazed at the results from such a simple intervention. They are designed to be used daily or twice daily.