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Totnes Physio and Sports Injury Clinic

Are you looking for a specialist physio in Totnes? I specialize in treating people experiencing long lasting or recurring pain, looking for a drug-free holistic approach. I can help you to reduce your pain, improve mobility and increase your confidence in your body so you can live life to the full. My empowering approach is particularly suitable for people who want to develop an increased understanding of their body and ability to control symptoms without the need for repeat visits. 

 Totnes Physio

Totnes Physio Michael Otto is a chartered HPC Physiotherapist offering expert treatment of painful conditions and sports injuries. Michael has over 10 years' experience and has a passion for helping people recover from injury and to become pain-free. 



Totnes Physio - Rapid results, lasting benefits.

Michael employs holistic assessment, manual therapy, massage, manipulation and acupuncture in his Totnes Physio Clinic in order to produce reductions in symptoms and facilitate recovery. 

The work carried out at Michael's physio treatment centre in Totnes aims to give rapid relief from symptoms with lasting benefits leaving clients an increased sense of control. 

Michael acknowledges that for some people, manual therapy only offers a short-term fix to what might have been a long-term problem. If clients show a desire to learn more, Michael is keen to teach them the tools to be more in control of their own pain and to be less dependent on health care professionals in the longer term.

Michael's approach to treatment draws upon many disciplines and is delivered in a highly tailored manner to suit each client as a unique individual. 


If you are looking for an experienced sports physio or a sports massage in Totnes please contact me today.  



Holistic Physio Assessment in Totnes

Michael assesses pain from angles each client's individual situation and has an appreciation of the interconnectedness of all aspects of the body in mind when meeting his clients. 

Identifying tissue injury

When people are experiencing pain, there maybe an underlying tissue injury. Michael trained with the Society of Orthopedic Medicine and uses his skills and knowledge to assess the physical body to identify where tissue damage maybe present. 

Biomechanical assessment 

Totnes Physio - Michael Otto's physiotherapy assessment incorporates a biomechanical assessment which looks at the quality and fluidity of movement to understand why certain structures might be placed under increased load and therefore at higher risk of injury. Michael also uses an Alexander Technique based assessment when looking at movement and biomechanics. 

Assessing the nervous system

It is increasingly recognised that when people are experiencing ongoing pain that the nervous system has a large part to play. Through Michael's physio assessment, he is able to identify which aspects of pain are produced by the nervous system and which parts are from tissue injury.

Bio-psycho-social assessment 

The physiotherapy profession recognises that the presentation of pain and injury involves an interaction between a persons' biology, physical structure and nervous system as well as their place in society.  Michael is able through his physio assessment to identify which aspects are contributing to the symptoms he is presented with by his Totnes clients. Now more than ever we have the knowledge and understanding as to the underlying causes and solutions of pain.

Totnes Physio - Manual therapy

Physio Michael also uses manual therapy in his Totnes clinic. This offers his clients immediate reductions in pain and facilitates a move towards being pain free. The manual therapy he uses includes massage. 


Totnes Physio - Michael has a great ability to tune in with his patients and deliver massage that takes tension out of the muscles and nerves. Michael's massage approach is tailor-made to each of his patients rather than following a preset pattern of delivery eg such as a Shiatsu massage etc.

Myofascial release

When working with Totnes physiotherapy clients, Michael also works with the myofascial release technique which involves a gentle manipulation of the muscle resulting in a deep relaxation and often an improved range of movement after treatment.

Joint mobilisation and manipulations

Totnes Physio - Michael uses joint mobilisations which involve gentle gliding of joint surfaces. Gentle mobilisations can have a calming effect and can be used to re-position joints. Deeper and higher pressure mobilisations can be used to stretch joint ligaments that have become tight from under use. Michael often uses these physio techniques when treating people with joint pain as is often the case with neck, back and sacroiliac joint. 

Empowering long term health and independence through facilitating a fundamental change.

Although Michael appreciates the many benefits of hands-on therapy, he understands that for many people they do not produce long term improvements and independence that many people suffering from chronic or recurrent pain desire. For people who are ready to take control of their health and become independent from continued use of health care professionals and manual therapy, Michael has developed skills and expertise in the following treatments that can be useful:

Movement therapy

As an experienced physio Michael has a clear understanding of the interplay between quality of movement and discomfort and pre-disposition to injury. Michael offers a movement therapy that is highly influenced by the Alexander Technique and Tai Chi. Educating and teaching people to move in a more fluid and relaxed way that places the system under less shock and irritation enables the client to have a positive behavioural strategy that prevents pain and reoccurrence.

Breathing re-education 

Michael's experience as a physiotherapist has made to clear to him the relationship between altered breathing patterns and ongoing pain. Michael find that many of his clients have mouth breathing patterns and a history of Asthma, snoring and sleep apnea. Michael teaches breathing normalization exercises which clients find invaluable in creating long term, lasting change. 

Pain Education

The understanding of pain has progressed massively in the last seven years. By having an understanding of the varied causes of pain and how pain is produced in the body has been shown to reduce symptoms and facilitate recovery.  The Explain Pain Method has been shown to be one of the most effective treatments for chronic pain. Michael is trained in the Explain Pain Method.

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