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Totnes Physio - Michael Otto

Michael Otto has over 10 years' experience and has a passion for helping people recover from injury and to become pain-free. Michael is a chartered HPC Physiotherapist offering expert treatment of painful conditions and sports injuries in Totnes. 

Rapid results, lasting benefits.

Michael employs holistic assessment, manual therapy, massage, manipulation and acupuncture in his Totnes clinic in order to produce reductions in symptoms and facilitate recovery. 

The physio work that Michael carries out at his physio treatment centre in Totnes aims to give his clients rapid relief from their pain symptoms with lasting benefits leaving clients an increased sense of control. 

For some people, Michael acknowledges, manual therapy only offers a short-term solution to what might be a long-term problem. Michael is keen to encourage his clients to learn the tools to be more in control of their own pain and to be less dependent on health care professionals in the longer term.

Totnes Physio Michael Otto's approach to treatment draws upon many disciplines and is delivered in a specific way to suit each client as a unique individual. 


If you are looking for an experienced sports physio or a sports massage in Totnes please contact Totnes Physio Michael Otto today.  

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